Spirit and Roots returns next SATURDAY 20th March 7-8pm (GMT) with very special guest, James McMurtry.

“James writes like he's lived a lifetime.” — John Mellencamp

“The most vital lyricist in America today.” — Bob Harris, BBC 2 RADIO

One of America's most powerful storytellers, James McMurtry comes from a literary family: his father, novelist and screenwriter Larry McMurtry, gave James his first guitar at age seven, and his mother, an English professor, taught him how to play.

Renowned for his hard-hitting character sketches, James' music has been championed by the likes of Grammy-winner Jason Isbell and novelist Stephen King.

Tracks from his latest release, Soundcheck at the Gallery, will be spinned and Dan will talk with himall about his musical journey, songwriting and the artists who influence him.

The show will go out Saturday 20th March 7-8pm (GMT) for our European listeners on K2K RADIO. Tune in LIVE here:👇👇