During the episodes of his radio show, Spirit and Roots, Dan Raza offers interesting interviews with European and American musicians, but also offers a couple of hours of beautiful music.

These are often artists that not everyone knows, and discovering them from time to time is an unexpected pleasure. He also urges people to comment, careful as he always is to try to meet everyone's tastes.

This desire gave rise to the idea of ​​creating an online community, in continuous growth, in which Dan has managed to put together musicians and fans, making them interact with each other, and creating a pleasant and stimulating virtual meeting point in which to spend special moments in the name of good music and in company of beautiful people.

And to make available to everyone the music proposed during the episodes of Spirit and Roots,Dan decided to collect a rich library of songs in a single playlist on Spotify today available and open to everyone!

An unmissable invitation to listen! 


I remind you that Spirit and Roots Official Page is at this link:


E che se vi fa piacere partecipare e portare il vostro contributo e il vostro pensiero nel community discussion group, you can reach it by clicking this link: